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Welcome to TellMeYourTitle!

Lemme tell you how this works.

I am Octave Zero, and I write music. But its not normal music, I guess. I improvise, writing the stuff as I go, on the wonderful instrument known as a piano.

And you know what? I will write something for you. Yes, thats right, you. You have a title thats badass? Awesome? Just plain quirky? Tell me it! If you do, I will write a song to fit your title, using a piano, synth or even lyrics if I can come up with em. 

But, you know, I cant do all of this for free all the time. A man has gotta be able to afford his dark chocolate and bacon addictions. So, if you reaaally want that song made, you can sweeten the deal with a few bacon strips mailed discreetly, or  just some cash to get it priority on my list of songs, cause, see, I am a real busy man here. L

So what are you waiting for? Get on it! Better yet, you can even buy songs that other people have suggested, if you happen to like them (or even if you don't and just plan to burn it onto a disc so that you can *actually* burn it.) - and if and when your song is bought, you get refunded 5 credits so you get to suggest another! Keep suggesting good songs and you keep getting to suggest, champ.

Oh. And two more rules. I do not write songs that are nothing but long strings of obscenities or titled something like crappymctitty. Have some class, kids - and I won't write a song that shares a title with one already published by another musician if I can avoid it... its not that I don't like sharing, its that I'm not quite sure everyone else does.


Do you really like a song, so much that you want to be the one who suggested that title?

Well you can't be. Sorry. But, what you can do is sponsor that song. Shoot me an e-mail, though (!) and I'll add you to a special list for that song, which will tell anyone who downloads it exactly how much of a great person you are, after I deduct that value from your account, of course.